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Terms of use

1. Our Commercial Policy
Cherry Hill sells products on and carries out its own e-commerce activity exclusively for end users who are end consumers.

By "final consumer (s)", we mean any natural person who operates for purposes unrelated to any business or professional activity that may be practiced. If you are not an "end consumer", we invite you to refrain from concluding commercial transactions on

In view of the commercial policy described above, Cherry Hill reserves the right not to respond to orders from any person who is not an "end consumer" or to orders not in accordance with its commercial policy as defined herein.

These General Conditions of Sale exclusively govern the offer, transfer and acceptance of purchase orders for products on between users of and Cherry Hill.

On the other hand, these General Conditions of Sale do not govern the provision of services or the sale of products from entities other than Cherry Hill which would be present on by links, banners or other hypertext links. We advise you, before forwarding orders and purchasing products and services from entities other than Cherry Hill, to check their conditions of sale, as Cherry Hill can in no way be responsible for the provision of services or the sale of products by third parties, or, the conclusion of electronic commerce transactions between users of and third parties.

2. How to conclude a contract with Cherry Hill
To conclude the purchase contract for one or more products on, you must complete the order form in electronic format and send it to supplier, by telematic means, following the instructions provided.

The order form includes a summary of the "General Conditions of Sale", information on the essential characteristics of each of the products ordered and the price relating to them (including applicable taxes or duties ), the means of payment that you can use to purchase each product and the terms and delivery times of the products purchased, the shipping and delivery costs, the conditions for exercising your right of withdrawal and the terms and deadlines return of products purchased.

The contract is deemed to have been concluded when Cherry Hill receives your order form by telematics, once the correctness of the data relating to the order has been verified.

Before proceeding with the purchase of the products, by sending the order form, you are requested to carefully read these General Conditions of Sale, print a copy using the option "print" and keep or reproduce a copy for your personal use.

The order form will be archived in our database for the time strictly necessary for processing and shipping orders and in accordance with the applicable legal deadlines. You will be able to access your order form, by consulting the My orders section.

Before sending the order form, you are also asked to detect and correct any data entry errors.

The transmission of orders to the supplier must be carried out in French.

Once the contract is concluded, Cherry Hill will take charge of your order.

In the event that the products, presented on, are no longer available or for sale at the time of your last access to the site or the sending of the order form, the duty Cherry Hill will communicate to you, promptly from the transmission of your order to the supplier, the possible unavailability of the products ordered. In the event of transfer of the order form and payment of the price, Cherry Hill will take the necessary steps to reimburse the sum that you have already advanced at the latest within thirty (30) days of your payment.

By transmitting the order form by telematic means, you unconditionally accept and you undertake to respect, in relations with Cherry Hill, these General Conditions of Sale. If you disagree with certain terms indicated in these General Conditions of Sale, we invite you not to transfer your order form for the purchase of products on

By submitting your order form, you confirm that you are aware of and accept these General Conditions of Sale and any subsequent information contained in (also available through hypertext links) as well as the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

After transmission of your order, Cherry Hill will send you, by email, a notice of receipt of your order, containing a summary of the information already contained in the order form (General Conditions of Sale, information relating to the essential characteristics of the product, the detailed indication of the price, the means of payment, the existence of your right of withdrawal and the delivery times and costs).

3. Guarantee and indication of product prices
On, we only offer items bearing the Cherry Hill brand. We purchase these items directly from our fabrication shop.

Cherry Hill does not sell used, defective, or substandard products.

The essential characteristics of the products are presented on inside each product sheet. However, the images and colors of the products sold on may not correspond to the actual colors due to the effect of the internet browser and the screen used.

Product prices may be subject to updates. Please check the final sale price before submitting the order form.

The prices displayed on the Cherry Hill site are in euros. Although we make every effort to ensure that the prices displayed on our site are accurate, errors may occur.

Purchase requests originating from countries or regions not included among those displayed on the Shipping & Returns page cannot be accepted by Cherry Hill.

All products are provided with an identification label. We thank you for not removing the label of the products purchased.

Cherry Hill, in the event of exercise of your right of withdrawal, has the option of not accepting the return of products which are devoid of their label or which have been altered in their essential or qualitative characteristics or which have been damaged.

All items sold by Cherry Hill are covered by a twenty-four (24) month warranty in the event of lack of conformity, as provided for by applicable law. You must notify Cherry Hill of the existence of a lack of conformity within two (2) months of the day on which you become aware of the said lack of conformity. Please contact our Customer Service. If an item has a lack of conformity, you can either have it repaired or have it replaced. If these solutions are impractical or seem disproportionate, you can ask Cherry Hill to apply an appropriate reduction on the purchase price or demand that the contract be terminated.

4. Payments
For the payment of the price of the products and the costs related to shipping and delivery, you can follow the procedures indicated in your order form.

In case of payment by means of credit / debit card, the financial information (for example, the number of the credit / debit card or the due date) will be transferred, by means of '' a cryptographic protocol, to our banking establishment or any other secure payment intermediary who provide services related to remote electronic payment, without third parties being able to access them under any circumstances. Such information, moreover, will never be used by Cherry Hill, other than to complete the procedures related to your purchase or to issue refunds in the event of any return of products in accordance with the right of withdrawal, or, in the event that it would be necessary to prevent or report to the competent authorities the occurrence of fraud on The prices for the purchase of the products and the costs of shipping and delivery, as indicated in the Order Form, will be charged to your account when the purchased items are dispatched.

5. Shipment and delivery of products
You can choose to receive the items you have purchased at an address of your choice, or at any Cherry Hill collection point in your country, among those that appear on the order form. To find out the specific terms and conditions for sending and delivering products, please consult the Shipping & Returns section. We ask you to pay the greatest attention to what is indicated in this section because the indications contained in Customer Service form an integral and substantial part of these "General Conditions of Sale" and, therefore, are considered as fully recognized by you and accepted when sending the order form.

6. Customer Service
For more information, go to the area: Customer Service.

7. Right of Withdrawal
Please & lt; a href = "/ content / 4-returns" & gt; click here & lt; / a & gt; to view information on our Return Policy, which is part of these Terms and Conditions.

8. Terms and conditions for reimbursement
After the return of the products, Cherry Hill verifies compliance with the conditions for withdrawal and return as specified in our Return Policy. If these verifications lead to compliance with the said conditions, Cherry Hill will take the necessary steps to send you, via email, confirmation of acceptance of the returned products.

To exercise your right of withdrawal, we invite you to complete the Return and Exchange Form.

In the event that there is no correspondence between the recipient of the products indicated in the order form and the one who made the payment of the sums due for the purchase, and in the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the reimbursement of the amount as specified in article 8.2 above will be made by Cherry Hill, in all cases, to the person who made the payment.

For purchases by credit / debit card, the date of the new credit will be the same as the debit date, so you will not be penalized in relation to your bank interest.

Cherry Hill indicates in the Right of Withdrawal section that returns will be supported. By using the pre-printed adhesive label attached to the email accepting your return containing the products, you can return the products to Cherry Hill free of charge, pending your refund.

You can personally pay the return costs with full responsibility, in the event of loss or damage to the products during transport, this remains entirely your responsibility, according to the terms and conditions provided by the 'exercise of the Right of Withdrawal.

9. Personal data
You can obtain information on how we treat your personal data by going to & lt; a href = "/ content / 7-policy-of-confidentiality" & gt; Policy of Confidentiality . & lt; / a & gt;

We also ask you to read, if you have not already done so, the General Conditions of Use because they contain important indications on the way in which we treat the personal data of our users as well as the security systems adopted.

For any other information on our Privacy Policy, you can send your requests to our Customer Service by selecting the "Privacy Policy" argument.

10. Applicable law
Subject to the provisions of Public Order of French law, the "General Conditions of Sale" and the sales contract are governed by French law and in particular by the legislative decree of 6 September 2005 n ° 206 in terms of distance contracts and by the legislative decree of April 9, 2003 n ° 70 on aspects concerning electronic commerce.
We inform you that the European Commission provides a platform for regulation, by way extrajudicial, online disputes. You will find it at the following link:

11. Modifications and updates
The General Conditions of Sale are modified regularly and in particular in consideration of possible normative changes. The new General Conditions of Sale will apply on their date of publication on